Welcome home daddy!

I love what one of my customers has done with my Sweet Innocence pattern and I am so honored that she has chosen my pattern for this special occasion.  Daddy is coming home from Afghanistan and this is the dress she will be wearing, personally I think Daddy is going to love it.  Thank you Jesica for sharing your pictures with me.

Here’s her facebook page



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Simple Skirt Tutorial

Simple Skirt Tutorial My daughter wants to make skirts to donate to foster care as a church project that she needs to do.  I decided that this style of skirt would be easiest to to make and we could make several very quickly.  The majority of the work is done before a single stitch is sewn.

Assemble your supplies

What you will need:  Fabric, thread to match, scissors, 3/4″ non roll elastic, clear ruler (one for quilting is best), missing from photo is fabric marker, large safety pin, ironing board.

Cut fabric from selvage to selvage by the length you want the skirt to be plus 1 3/4″ and iron the fabric

(note the selvage to selvage is best up to 24″ or 25″ waist)

On the right side of the fabric use the ruler and mark 1/2″ from cut edge, then measure another 1 1/8″ from the previous line and mark.  This will be for your elastic casing. With wrong side up turn to 1st line and press with iron, then turn to second line and press with iron. On opposite end (on right side) measure and mark 1/4″ and 1/2″ then on wrong side turn and press the first line then turn and press on the second line.  This is the hem of the skirt.   Fold fabric in half with right sides together matching up selvedge edges, open up the pressed ends and match press lines, on machine sew from top to bottom following the selvage edge of the fabric. At ironing board, open the seam and press, then refold and press the iron lines back down. On top edge (elastic casing) sew 1/8″ from top folded edge being sure to overlap stitching a few stitches. On inner fold on the same side sew 1/8″ from folded edge being sure to leave approximately 1″ open for inserting elastic. On bottom edge (hem) sew 1/8″ from inner folded edge being sure to overlap stitching a few inches. Cut elastic to fit around the waist comfortably plus 1″ for sewing ends together. Put safety pin on one edge of elastic Insert elastic into opening on casing and ease elastic into casing by pushing fabric onto safety pin then pulling the fabric onto the elastic, continue threading the elastic through the casing (being very careful to not pull the other end through the casing) until you pull all the way around and back out the same hole. remove safety pin and overlap the ends of the elastic about an inch being sure that the elastic is not twisted. Sew elastic ends together, I like to sew it along the cut edges (on both sides) so that it still has some stretch to it. Pull on gathers and push the elastic back into the casing and sew casing opening closed being sure to overlap stitching and being careful to not sew through the elastic. pull on elastic to even out the gathers on skirt, sew a straight line on each side of skirt to help prevent elastic from twisting within casing. Now just cut any loose threads and enjoy your new skirt.

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Light of the World

So I guess I am a little late but here is the Christmas present that I made for my parents, I finished it about a month ago and gave it to them when they came over a couple of weeks ago.  This was from a cross stitch kit by bucilla called Light of the World and the painting it was from is also called Light of the World and was painted by Greg Olsen, my all time favorite artist, it is my dream to have one of his paintings in my home they are gorgeous.

This took me about 5 months to make working on it off and on




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Victorian Coat, free crochet pattern

Here is a pattern that I designed years ago.

It is, my idea of, a Victorian style coat pattern using contrasting yarn as a design element.  This is an imperfect and untested pattern but I offer it for free in the hopes that some one will enjoy it.

You can download it directly from Ravelry here

Or you can save it to your Ravelry account here

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Enchanted, free sewing/smocking pattern

Here is another of my free smocking patterns called Enchanted.  This one features a smocked front and sleeves and have options for short, long or 3/4 sleeves.  Shirt buttons in the back.  Also included with this pattern is instructions on how to make the triple ruffle skirt.  This pattern is multi sized for 18m to 6.

you may find the pattern here on craftsy

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Prairie Rose pattern

After many requests recently for this pattern I have finally gotten around to adding it to craftsy as a free pattern.  I designed this when my daughter was younger, when she would still allow me to dress her in pretty clothes.

This dress features hand smocking in the front and has ease of wear with elastic around the neck like a peasant dress, and ties in the back with ribbon ties (note the ties are a must or the dress won’t fit right)

Here is the direct link to the craftsy listing

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Camo Couture, free crochet pattern

This is a cute girls outfit with a ruffle hem and flower accent, pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Ravelry download

Go to ravelry page

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Apron halter top, free crochet pattern

Apron Halter top, free crochet pattern

Ravelry Download

Or go to the ravelry page


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LDS Young Women Values Cross stitch or crochet chart

Ok, so I decided that I didn’t really want to do what I was supposed to do today so I decided to make this cross stitch chart instead.  This has all the young women values on it in their theme colors.  Worked in 14 count aida this will end up 10X11.25 inches or worked in 18 count aida this will be 7 3/4 X 9 inches.  Don’t forget to add back stitching, and other decorative stitching as desired to make it look even better.

This can also be worked as a crochet lap-gan using worsted weight yarn and an I hook and it will end up closer to a square.

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LA Temple crochet chart

Here is another of my LDS temple crochet afghan charts.

  I love making these charts available for free.  I would be happy to make a chart for you of your favorite temple but please send me a picture that you have taken yourself or one that you have permission to send me.  I cannot use the church photos as they are copyrighted.

These charts are just basically a picture with lots of squares, each square representing a different single crochet stitch.  The chart can be worked from the bottom up or from the top down, do not work sideways.  Chain the same number of of squares plus one, do the chain in the same color as the 1st stitch worked or in the main color of the chart.  Follow the chart changing colors as the colors change on the chart.  Carry threads short distances under stitches, longer distances should end up having it’s own ball of yarn.  Whenever you finish a row, cross it off so that it’s easier to keep track.

Work the chart in worsted weight yarn for a lap size afghan or in thread for a picture

This chart is available to you for personal use only, please do not profit off of these charts, thank you.

Please click here to download directly from Ravelry

If you prefer working off multiple pages, here are 4 pages for you to work from

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