A little tutorial for the Crochet triple ruffle skirt pattern

I made this in the hopes that it may help out those that may be having troubles with my triple ruffle skirt pattern.  The image may be hard to see but you should be able to easily enlarge it.  To enlarge the picture on a computer, click on the image then click and hold the Ctrl button then with the round thing on your mouse scroll it up until the image is large enough to read.

skirt steps

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Vertigo skirt pattern revamp

Vertigo is getting a revamp.

I have been working on adding new lengths to the pattern, you can look forward to the pattern being in lengths of 16″, 18″, 20″, and 22″.  The pattern is currently available in the 20″ length size.

vertigo spiral skirtsmall

The new version is currently in testing but you can still buy the original version on Ravelry or Etsy, once the new version of the pattern is finished and available all those who have previously purchased the pattern will receive the new version.

This skirt is the 16″ length


This skirt is the 18″ lengthvertigo920Neither of these samples have been blocked yet, they will look even more amazing once blocked.

I still need to work on the 22″ length

You can also look forward to Vertigo being updated to child sizes soon as that is on my to do list.  You can get updates to this and all my other patterns here in my facebook group


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Another use for Triple Ruffle skirt pattern

I just love it when I find another use for one of my patterns.  I needed to make a sample of the skirt to take pics of really quick and I didn’t want to make a full size skirt so I grabbed my #10 crochet cotton thread and size 7 steel hook and followed the instructions for the smallest size.


It fits my My Life doll perfectly in the length, LOVE!!, but it’s too tight around the waist, boo.  So if you want to have the triple ruffle skirt pattern and you want to make a doll skirt to match your princesses skirt without having to buy another pattern, I suggest up-sizing at-least 2 sizes for the beginning chain/width of the skirt, but do the length in the smallest size for a prefect fit for 18″ dolls, just be sure to measure the elastic on the doll and cut it about 1.5″ smaller than the doll’s actual waist.

now being that I used cotton thread it doesn’t have a lot of drape to it, if you want yours to have more drape I would suggest using #10 bamboo thread or another similar sized lace yarn that has more drape to it.


Click here to find the pattern on Ravelry

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Pixie hat


I also recently found out that my Pixie hat pattern from my Baby Hats book was published in Love Crochet magazine in the UK and that it’s on the cover, that will be my first cover!!!  I don’t have a picture of the magazine yet so I will post it once I do get a picture.

By the way I still think that baby is too cute!!!

Here’s the love crochet facebook page.

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Bear Hat published in Inside Crochet magazine

Today I got a little surprise, my daughter went to get the mail and when she got back I  noticed she was carrying a small package, I was confused because I hadn’t ordered anything, I was even more confused when I saw that it said Royal Mail on the package.  I definitely didn’t order anything over seas.

So I opened the packaged and saw an Inside Crochet magazine inside, and thought “Ok, maybe they decided to republish the skirt that I had previously published with them.”

inside crochet cover

I started thumbing through the magazine and was surprised to see my Bear hat from my Baby Hats book.  That was a nice surprise that I wasn’t expecting at all, they must have really liked the pattern so now those in the UK that are used to reading UK patterns as opposed to US patterns can more easily make the hat!!!




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Hats for Blythe and 18″ dolls


I recently was playing around with designing some hats for Blythe sized dolls, I was using a size F crochet hook and sport weight yarn.
While doing this I had discovered that the number of stitches for the final size of the hat was the same as the 3m size hats from my Baby Hats book.

I had a theory and decided to test it out and discovered that the 3m size patterns from my book fit Blythe sized dolls perfectly when using a size F hook and sport weight yarn (that is only for the patterns that require worsted weight yarn), I was thrilled.

Blythe wearing the cap from the Baby Hats book

I then started thinking, I knew that 18″ doll heads weren’t much bigger than Blythe so I did the 6m size also using a size F hook and sport weight yarn and guess what, it works almost perfectly for 18″ dolls, just remove 1 round from the length of the hat for a perfect fit.

Springfield doll wearing Cloche hat from Baby Hats book

Find the Baby Hats book here on Amazon

So now you have more uses for your Baby Hats book!!!

I think I’m going to try the bear hat next!!!

Here is another pattern trio that I designed specifically for Blythe sized dolls


Buy on Ravelry

Buy on Etsy

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Designer pattern swap

I was excited when this pattern swap was planned, I don’t usually get to use other designer’s patterns and I definitely never get to sew any bags.  I was assigned to sew one of Aivilo Charlotte’s designs,  I decided on the Convertible Backpack to Tote since it looked like it would be a simple starter bag.

By the way the bag is currently on sale on her etsy page



It ended up being a cute little bag that I think will be perfect to use as a project bag for portable crochet or knitting projects (but don’t tell my hubby, he already thinks I have too many).  This bag worked up fairly quickly but it would take me half the time if I ever decided to make it again.



I did make a few changes from the pattern for personal preference or by accident because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing.

-I ended up accidentally cutting out the main pieces too short so the bag is shorter than it should be.

-I did cut out a contrast for the outside pocket but I stitched it on backwards so the contrast is now facing to the inside

-I omitted the inside pocket since I knew I would never use it

-I also omitted the interfacing for the main part of the bag, I didn’t want to add any more thickness to the bag but the straps do still have interfacing.

-Since I had accidentally cut it to short, I raised up the loops by an inch to add extra room to the inside of the bag

-Finally I decided to thread the ties on so that it’s still a backpack but so that the ties are at the top in the front of the bag rather than in the back.


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Daydreams done in tunic length

Here’s a great way to get more out of your Daydreams pattern.


  Follow the measurement chart below to make it tunic length rather than full length.

Instead of following the cutting chart in the pattern follow this cutting chart


This makes a great top for warm summer days, or pair with a light sweater or t-shirt for the soon to come Spring season.

This dress has 2 back options, you may make the super simple and quick to make shirred back version as shown below, or make the invisible zipper back version.  It can also be either hand smocked in front using the included smocking plate or you can gather the front.

031003Thank you to Robbin for letting me use your pictures.


Buy Daydreams on etsy

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Springtime Jubilee smocked apron without smocking tutorial

Do you love the look of the Springtime Jubilee pattern but don’t want or don’t know how to smock, or maybe you just don’t have the time??

aprondress617Did you know that it can be made with out smocking and still have beautiful results??


Yes it can!!!


Here’s a very bad picture of the top of the apron done with this modification.

First, make sure you have the pattern

You will need 1 additional item to do this modification.  You will need 1 to 1.5yds, 1/2″ wide single fold bias either purchased or made from your favorite fabric.

Note: If you are making it, since there are no curves, there is no need for it to be cut on the bias, just cut 1″ strips and fold in 1/4″ on both sides and press with iron.

On the pattern work through step 9

(Note: If you have a fabric that is the same on both sides I suggest pressing the fold to the right side not the wrong side, that way the ends will be covered later and you won’t have to worry about finishing the edges in step 8, all instructions below will continue as if pressed the fold to the wrong side)

Now from the wrong side run 3 rows of long gathering stitches with the 1st almost on the edge of the fabric and other two 1/8″ from each other.

Do 2 more sets of 3 gathering stitches 2″ apart, so do the 2nd 2″ from the first and do the 3rd 2″ from the 2nd.

Now this is not the time to be stingy on the gathering threads, you will be gathering the fabric to tight gathers you will need all 3 rows of gathering threads.  You will also not want to be using any rufflers, or any tricks for getting things to automatically gather, you want to be able to adjust the gathers!!!


Gather the bodice so it’s about the same size as the blocking/cutting guide for the apron, knot off the ends of the threads then adjust the gathers evenly across, this may take a few minutes to get it to look nice and evenly spread.


Now take your  bias and lay it over the 1st row of gathering stitches and pin in place.

Continue pinning the bias tape to all 3 rows of gathering.

Note: If you have wash away Wonder tape, it works wonders for this step!!!


Sewing close to the edge of the bias tape, sew along both sides.

Repeat for the other 2 pieces of bias tape.


Now continue with the sewing instructions in the pattern starting with step 24 on page 12.


Please feel free to share pictures of anything you have made in my group, I would love to see it.


You can find the pattern here


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Springtime Jubilee

Springtime Jubilee

aprondress617I love how this pattern turned out.  I love smocking and have always wanted to do this pattern and Pattern Revolution’s designer’s challenge got me to step up and do it.

You can find the pattern available on etsy here


The apron features halter ties and straps that tie in the back.  I included in the pattern is a geometric smocking plate with bullion roses and puffing.


The under dress features a Peter Pan collar, puff sleeves, and bound armbands.  It has a back button closure.

aprondress619 aprondress632


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