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**Hand Smocked Clothing**

Smocking is a centuries old technique of embroidering over pleats of fabric. It takes time, skill and great care to perfect each design. Whether you know how to smock, or just love the timeless look of smocking, it is something we can be passionate about together. Smocking is a very wearable work of art, one that can be handed down through the generations. I absolutely love to smock, it truly is my passion. All of my smocking is done on Heirloom quality fabrics or high quality quilter's 100% cotton fabrics.

Smocking patterns

pink/black handsmocked and beaded set

hand smocked sailboats

smocked aqua set

5pc hand smocked layette


smocked jungle monkeys

smocked pink princess

smocked yellow

smocked lollipops

smocked strawberries

smocked celestial

smocked red whales

smocked buttons

smocked maja pastels